Live righteously! – 2014.10.25

For the Lord is righteous,
He loves justice;
the upright will see his face.
Psalm 11, 7
We have a choice how we live. We ourselves decide whether we want to live like many others. Whether we "borrow" us things from work and improve our salary. Whether we twist the truth a little, so that we look better. Whether we seduce girls or men with eyes and thoughts. It is solely our decision.
It’s easy to go with the flow doing the same as they do. It’s hard to live righteously. We should not teach others, but watch ourselves carefully. What reward have those who do not take it exactly as they should? They lose their wealth from their hands. Their peace with God is gone. No, we do not want to live like them!
The LORD is righteous. He wants us to restore what we have demaged. He wants us to pay our debts and return if we have borrowed something. If we have broken something, we have to replace it. Sometimes it’s difficult, but He wants to help us. We should be able to apologize, because we can never be entirely just and loving (and to bury our pride). If we do not make our old debt to the people well again, how can God bless us then? Our soul will find no peace. In the life of faith we stand or fall asleep. In the community we stand on the verge, as if we do not really belong to it. Or we become Christian actors.
Only the upright will see His face! To be with Him is our greatest happiness. He comforts the restless soul, with Him there is peace, joy and security. It is worth to live righteously!
Thank you, Jesus, you have forgiven my fault and made ​​me righteous. Now help me to restore the damage I’ve done. I want to look at your face with a quiet conscience. I want You to care for me. I want to find tranquility, security and peace in your heart. You’re so good to me!

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