Living like the hourglass  –  05.03.2021

Living like the hourglass  –  05.03.2021

Jesus said:
What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?  Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?
Matthew 16, 25f.

Have you ever seen an hourglass? We used to have one to boil eggs. It ran for exactly 6 minutes and the eggs were perfect.
An hourglass has sand in a container with a small opening at the bottom. The sand slowly trickles down into a second container. When the sand has run through, a bell sounds.
That’s how our life is: It trickles along, day after day, year after year. And suddenly the bell rings. It is much too early for everyone and they complain that they have not even started to live yet ….
Jesus knows life before and after death. That’s why He came to us from the other world to warn us: Don’t gamble away your life! Don’t fritter away your life! Don’t bet on the wrong horse! Think about how you invest your life! Think about where you want to live afterwards, because only stones are dead, people never are.
Jesus offers us life and full sufficiency, a life in abundance, a life with meaning and purpose. A life of perfect contentment, peace and joy in our hearts. But HE does not promise that we will become instant  millionaires, or that we will be eternally healthy. That is not the most important thing for Him.
I look at Christian role models like Marie Therese. Or Paul. Or Hudson Taylor. Were they millionaires? Nah, they were beggars who had to ask God for money. And He gave it, but for their work.  Were they healthy? Nah, Paul was sick and weak, Hudson Taylor lost some children. Marie was small and weak… Their health was no longer important to them because they had the One around whom their lives revolved: Jesus, the Lord over life and death, the Lord over all creation, who seeks and helps us out of love. In Him alone they find the meaning of life. And one day the Lord will say to them: Well done!

Jesus, my life should have meaning and purpose! Just living life, sacrificing our time for money, a career, this and that …… that’s not enough for me! I want to be connected with You! This is the only way to give my heart the peace that only You can give.

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