Living Water – 2016.06.15

Living Water – 2016.06.15

If any one who believes in Me is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. The Scripture days: Streams of living water will flow from within Him. By this He meant the Spirit to be received by all who believe in Him.
John 7: 37+38

According to Mark 5: 21-32 Jesus was on the way to help Jairus one of the synagogue rulers. A large crowd pressed around Him. Suddenly Jesus stopped and asked who had touched Him as power had gone out of Him. The people wondered as a large crowd surrounded Him. All could have touched Him. But a woman knew that she was meant. She had faith that she will be healed if she just touches His cloak.  She told Jesus the whole truth. Jesus replied: Daughter, your faith has healed you!
Also the apostles had the power to heal. Even the shadow of Peter healed when it fell on the sick laying on the street. All the handkerchiefs of the apostles were gathered to place them on sick people so they were all healed. This proves that the healing power of God flows through believers like living water. It flows through him to other people. We cannot influence that. It is the sovereign, personalized power of the Lord, the Holy Spirit.
All who believe in Him, they drink the living water which flows out of them and create new life in their surroundings. The more we are in contact with the Lord, the more we drink the living water like the fruit of the grapevine.
This living water which flows from us should heal our family, our neighbors, our village, our city, our country. Let us drink richly the living water of Jesus!
The power of the Lord is very, very large. It has created the earth and the whole universe. However it appears, as if only a trickle of this power would flow. It is so as all our channels are blocked. The chunks which clogged us are our little faith, little confidence, no time, doubts everywhere, wrong thinking about God’s mercy, about sin, wasting time, not seeking the source of water… Please purify yourself and let fill you with the living water of God!

Jesus, You are so god! You entrust so much to me. I wish to live with You much closer and drink out of Your source of living water. I need this living water and my environment too. Please clean the channel so that the living water can flow. Here I am, Lord!

Bible reading today: Hebrew 4: 1-13

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