Lord about forces of nature ​ – 2019.08.22​

Lord about forces of nature ​ – 2019.08.22​

And he said unto them, Where is your faith? And being afraid they marveled, saying one to another, Who then is this, that he commandeth even the winds and the water, and they obey him?
Luke 8, 25

They’re talking about Jesus! He performed the miracle and calmed storm and waves in seconds. He is the LORD!
Jesus said: We want to cross the lake to the other side. (He never decides such a thing alone; He has heard it from His heavenly Father. That is why it was decided: We go to the other shore.) But the enemy did not sleep and wanted to prevent it. For on the other bank there was a man possessed, the Gerasener, who absolutely needed the help of Jesus; – that of course did not please the enemy at all. That’s why he sent the storm, which whipped the waves higher than normal, so that the boat hit full of water and threatened to sink. The disciples did not understand the connections and were full of fear for their lives. They were fishermen and knew all about boats, wind and waves. They had never experienced anything like this before. Jesus, on the other hand, was asleep because He knew that His Father was not resting. The disciples woke Jesus: We are perishing! – And He stepped into the wind, threatened him, and indeed, in seconds the wind and the waves went down. But the Lord asked the disciples, “Where is your faith? – The disciples were totally amazed at Jesus. Who is He? Why do the wind and the waves obey Him?
Jesus is the Lord. Also about the forces of nature, especially when they were caused by the enemy. I read a lot about how Jesus performed such miracles in the 3rd world. But in the first years when I lived here in Lithuania, it happened more often that the enemy sent a storm against us and our house. I noticed this restlessness in me and the certainty that the enemy meant me. That is why I approached him in prayer and the damage was very limited. Once a storm divided, felled many trees left and right of the village, but the village suffered no damage. Yes, I can confirm it: Jesus is Lord, also about forces of nature.
We need a LORD who not only sits in heaven and watches over our redemption, but who is concretely here on earth with us and can help us in every situation. Many Christians think that He does not do it, although He could. It would be better if we believed the Lord that He has not changed: He is interested in everything that causes us difficulties, even the forces of nature. He will gladly help if we would only believe it!

Thank You, Jesus! You are close to me. You do not only dwell in my heart, but you steer and control my whole life, also my circumstances and the situation I am in. You are the LORD whom I trust every second for everything. Thank You, I am no longer helplessly at the mercy of the forces of nature!!

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