Lost land – 2019.06.27

Lost land – 2019.06.27

God speaks to Ezekiel:
Then I looked among them for a man to build a wall or to jump into the breach for the land, so that I would not have to destroy it, but I found none.
Ezekiel 22, 30

God the LORD sees sin in the land. Deception, lies, immorality and debauchery, luxury at the expense of others, enslavement of others, false accusations, blasphemies and so much more, just like here. He is desperately looking for people who stand up for their land, bring it before the LORD, ask forgiveness for the land, implore blessings from heaven. But then He found none, not a single one. So He must destroy the land, so is justice.
I saw a video about Guatemala, a small country in Central America. I saw the misery of alcohol, hopelessness, unemployment, robbery and murder. But in the midst of misery, people found the master of life and began a new life. They began to clean up, stopped drinking, took care of their children, built toilets, started vegetable gardens. And lo and behold, unemployment fell, hunger decreased, alcohol consumption declined, the Sheriff became almost unemployed and many finally had a happy laugh instead of an empty, hopeless look. So it is, if the Lord is allowed to rule! It all begins with prayer and devotion, and grows and grows until we almost have heaven on earth.
We do not want to be moral apostles, but to stand up for our country with tears, so that God does not have to destroy it! It is serious, it is already later than five to twelve! God has promised to put His blessing on our prayers, HE wants to hear them! He wants so much to pour out blessings on our land! Let us finally begin to pray that the walls will shake! Let our hearts beat in harmony with His, not for our new sofa, but for the lost.

Jesus, You have saved me. You gave everything, You died for me. Lord, I consecrate my life to You anew. I want to pray for my country, for my friends, colleagues, family and children! They shall not be lost! Lord, have mercy!

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