Love your parents!  –  2020.02.11

Love your parents!  –  2020.02.11

God said: Honour your father and mother!, and: Anyone who curses father or mother is to be put to death.
Matthew 15, 4

Jesus does not question the commandment from the Old Testament, but confirms it. HE knows that whoever does not keep it is cursed by God.
God attaches great importance to this commandment, it is one of His main commandments. HE knows that we need this commandment because we have great difficulties in this area.
Of course, parents also have a great responsibility towards their children, – they do not have the right to act like tyrants and harass their children. In His Word, God gives many tips for correct, constructive education. And again and again HE makes it clear to us that we have a relationship with God that is similar to the relationship with our bodily father.
We children often see the failures of our parents, or their “backwardness”, their weakness, their mistakes and everything that is bad. We often take the good for granted and are ungrateful. It is a good when one spouse shows the children how much the other partner is concerned about them.
We Christians should forgive all our debtors. This is very, very important for our relationship with our parents! Even if they have great guilt on their shoulders, God wants us to forgive (and He really helps us when that is what we). This heals our heart from bitterness and self-pity. Only then can Jesus dwell in our pure heart. Forgiveness is the key to love. How can you love your parents if you do not want to forgive them?
I think this is where the blockages lie for many Christians. They cannot get the full blessing of God because they do not want to live here according to God’s word: forgiveness.
Sure, there are many children who have terrible parents who have done terrible things to them. But when Jesus asks us to forgive, He will also know how we can do it. And then the peace of God will flood our hearts​.

Jesus, I want to forgive my parents. Yes, they’ve done terrible things to me. But I don’t want to think about it anymore. I want to be free. Please, help me!!

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