Many of this city are my people

Many of this city are my people

Do not be afraid, but keep on speaking and do not give up, for I am with you. No one will be able to harm you, for many in this city are my people.
Acts 18, 9

Paul was in Corinth and told the Jews about Jesus. But they rejected the gospel. So he went to the Gentiles and Greeks and proclaimed the gospel to them, and they listened to him. God opened their heart and they realized the truth of Jesus. At night, in a dream, God spoke the words above to Paul. Since Paul was certainly very encouraged! And God himself blessed Paul’s words and reiterated it by signs and wonders.
Everywhere there are people in our village and in our city that Jesus has intended for His kingdom. He “owns” many people in this country! That’s why we do not want to be silent or to hide somewhere, but to be brave, to bear witness to Jesus. Each with his gifts, as God wants it. Not everybody can be such a great speaker like Billy Graham, but everyone has his own special gifts. If we serve God with our gift, He will accomplish what we can not.
In the letter to the Corinthians are many hints that the gospel was not proclaimed with beautiful words but with force. God did so many signs through people like Paul. We want to trust more in God’s acting and less in our beautiful words! We want to give God the glory and not our fine strategies, lectures, teachings, morals and other things. No, the honor belongs to Him because He is the one who acts and we are only His witnesses. We do not preach our doctrine or our morality, but only the gospel, the Good News about Jesus the savior. And in prayer we want to assail the throne of God that He gathers His people in our village, our city and our country.

Thank You, Jesus, You encourage me! For You are with me and You do what I can not. You will prove yourself to the people; – I can’t persuade or convince someone, I can only testify You and Your kindness. Thanks, You showed yourself to me and had mercy on me. You saved me, forgave me and gave me a new life. So I want others to find You! For You are the great helper, savior, friend and Savior!

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