Memorial Stones – 2015.07.01

Memorial Stones – 2015.07.01

For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord`s death until He comes.
1. Corinthians 11:26

Our Lord knows how quickly we forget. Therefore we have symbols, signs, and memorial services which remind us. According to the Old Testament there were postulations for instance to put together stones in order to have a monument for great deeds of the Lord. So when children are asking for the meaning of the stones the elderly could explain that to them. God has helped at that time and He will continue to help.
We need these memorial stones. When I had been in Riga we did a lot of photos. These pictures help us to have good memories of the beautiful city. We often talk about old times and friends are telling me about things which I completely had forgotten.
We need reminders. When I onced thought I had lost my way driving a car I suddenly noticed objects on the road known by me and was certain again to be right .
When I once was in great trouble I remembered that some years ago a similar problem was solved in a wonderful way: One time when there was a lack of money, or great repairs had to be done I was reminded that the Lord has helped me already before in such situations. We should not forget that. Our life of faith is then easier. Some people are making notes of all answers of prayer and miracles of God. And whenever they get in trouble they check whether similar problems had been solved before by God and they praise Him. The problem will then not crush us.
I make short notes in my bible how God sticks to His word. For instance I read "moving into another appartment 2002", or influenza 2008 and I remember how God has helped at that time. This is a great comfort for me.
Also the Holy Communion remind us of the mercy and forgiving of Jesus. How much God loves us. We live because He died!
Let us build up our stones of memory as we so easily forget. This supports our faith. God knows us exactly.

Thank you, Jesus, for Your great deeds in my life. What I would be without Your intervention. You have lead me out of so many troubles, saved me again and again. You are faithfull to me and I wanted to stay devoted to You.

Bible reading: Luke 13: 1-17

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