Mercy – 2014.12.09

…says the Lord, who has mercy on you.
Isaiah 54:10
Do you have problems? Then be glad, because the LORD has mercy on you.
Are you lonely? Then be glad, for the Lord is there, puts his hand on your head, comforts and strengthens you. He has mercy on you.
Is today your lucky day? Then praise Him, for He is the one who has mercy on you.
It does not really matter how I feel. The Lord is there, He has mercy on me! He is at my side right now. He forgets my failure and helps me through. He listens when I call for Him. He is there!
Because of His mercy I am a winner today. Victory over disease, burdens, bondage, conflict, strife, bitterness … over everything. For He is the bigger, stronger one; – He is God! Because of his mercy I can be grateful and happy today. For He holds me firmly in his hand.
„The mountains may move, and the hills may shake,
but my kindness will never depart from you.
My promise of peace will never change,”
says the Lord, who has mercy on you. (Isaiah 54:10)
Thank you, Jesus, You are there! You stand always by my side. You help me through everywhere. You do not recall my failure, You forget it. You are wonderful! I will praise You today and want to go my way full of happiness and gratitude – For You go with me!

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