Mercy – 2016.05.17

Mercy – 2016.05.17

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Matthew 5, 7

This morning I remembered how many times I had been merciful, but instead of the thanks I should have received, I had been used. How many times did I help! How often did I lend out things! How often did I receive punishment for someone else! How often have I been conned in shops! Oh, how sorry I can feel for myself! Because: how many times have I made mistakes, yet have received Jesus’ forgiveness! How often have I needed help, and received it from Jesus! How often has He lessened or erased my punishment! How often!!! Yes, He is compassionate, merciful, patient and sympathetic toward me. Thank You, Jesus! I know many people who are unfriendly and moody. Grumpy, prepared to lie and con. But I also see many who are friendly, patient, who overlook mistakes, who forgive, who are compassionate… Oh Lord, I don’t want to belong to the grumps! A hard, cruel king and boss usually has hard, cruel ministers and servants. A patient, compassionate and friendly king or boss usually has patient, compassionate and friendly ministers and servants. He shapes His people! Not everybody allows themselves to be influenced by the Lord’s friendliness, but many, many do! And I want to belong to those. My Lord is patient, friendly, compassionate, and that is how I want to be!I don’t want to concentrate on how often I’ve been used and abused, because the good Lord has already compensated all damages. I want to be like Him: patient, friendly, compassionate.I need His mercy. If He were to treat me the way I treat others, with no understanding of the situation, so cold, bad-tempered and egotistical… what would become of me? I couldn’t live like that. He forgives my hardness and slowly transforms it into godly gentleness, softness, strength and warm-heartedness. Oh yes, He truly is a good Lord!

Thank You, Jesus, You don’t see my failures, but rather You see what You can make out of me! Please change me through Your love and mercy and make me patient, soft-natured, friendly, compassionate and faithful, as You are!

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