Mercy  –  2019.10.18

Mercy  –  2019.10.18

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Matthew 5, 7

Merciful, that always sounds like “warm-hearted” to me. Yes, a warm heart for those who need help and are in need. There are many who like to take advantage of such helpers, and some like to be taken advantage of and make themselves important through helpfulness. But divine mercy is different. There people have learned to look away from themselves. They know they are carried and cared for by Jesus, they are safe and secure. And that is why they are able to think of others and take care of them.
I think of the man who found the robbed and wounded man, bandaged his wounds, put him on his own donkey, brought him to an inn, and even paid for the care; – it was the Good Samaritan. He no longer needed to think only of himself.
I think of Mother Theresa, who was completely safe in God and therefore free to take care of the dying.
Insecure people cannot do that. It would destroy their souls. Stable people are needed for the service of mercy. In Jesus we become stable, our faith carries us. And He provides us with what we should give away.
I think of Bernardas, who a few hundred years ago in England searched the orphans at night with the lantern in their hiding places and took them into his house; – the man with the lantern.
There are so many examples where experienced Christians stood up against need and achieved great things.
What Jesus promised in Matthew 25 applies to them: I was hungry and you gave me something to eat. What you did for one of my least brothers, you did for me. – Could Jesus forget such deeds? Will He not personally bless these people? Yes, He Himself stands up for them and personally cares for them. They are God’s special jewels.

Thank You Jesus, You are merciful to me, for You love me. You have mercy on me – You do not care how I feel. Thank You, You are there and Your comfort refreshes me when I am in need. Thank You, You help me with Your strong and victorious right!

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