Music​ – 2019.08.11​

Music​ – 2019.08.11​

Be filled with the Spirit,
speaking to one another
with psalms, hymns, songs from Spirit.
Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.
Ephesians 5:19

Music is a gift of God given to His creation, to His people. Heaven and earth are full of His music. Our hearts soften when we hear true music. We melt away in bliss, we clap our hands with happy music, and also like to dance to it. This gift God put into us, is altogether precious and valuable, never evil.
Once the devil was Lucifer, the angel of light, and worship leader in heaven. But when he wanted to put himself in Gods place he was banished from heaven. Now He brings confusion and destruction on earth until the final judgement of God. As an expert of music he now seduce people in his kingdom of darkness. He dominates people with his music and abuses it for deadly purposes. He does that not always with bad, aggressive music, with loud shoutings and shrill tones. He binds peoples souls, draws them away from God also with sweet, gentle music. So we are not allowed to judge only by the style of music whether it is divine or satanic. In above verse we have a good criterion: “Songs from Spirit!”
Heavenly music is pure joy as the twittering of the birds. It is the spiritual music that is composed to the honor of God. Bach always titled his plays with ” To the glory of God!”.
We Christians often argue about music styles.Please accept the way each one sings with his taste out of his personal story. Please do not bother if someone does not sing cleanly with a scratched voice. Honor his sincerity.
Let us be filled with the Holy Spirit and let us sing full heartedly in adoration to God. He is pleased with our music, with our praise whether loud or quiet, whether in community or alone. He likes it! If it only comes out of the bottom of our heart in sincerity. True praising makes us happy, worriless, grateful, and full of faith. Yes, in true music the Holy Spirit is intense. How many miracles, redemptions, healings happen when we praise God with our songs in which He is present. Amen!

Thank You Jesus, You have donated us the music. You like music. You are present in it. I am happy and free when I worship and adore You,  Amen!

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