My debts  –  2020.02.25

My debts  –  2020.02.25

If you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, …
Matthew 5:23

What can your brother have against you? Maybe you haven’t paid him a debt. He lent you money or trusted you and you forgot about it or something else was more important to you?
Jesus is very hard on you: HE has no pity for you if you are to blame and don’t pay your debts or don’t keep your promises and therefore get into trouble. HE Himself cannot bless your behaviour in any way, but can only shake his head.
Some give their tithes and even more, but they do not pay their debts … What does God want with your tithing? HE would rather you pay your debts. HE has everything, but how do you know if your debtor does not need his money urgently?
If you are big in the church and try to appease God with money, but you don’t pay your rent or electricity, then God cannot approve.
If you like to sacrifice but let your children go hungry, God will not accept your sacrifice.
You don’t have to pay your tithe, God prefers that you are without debt and provide for your children properly. How you treat your loved ones and how you treat your commitments is very important to God. God has all the gold in the world and pearls, diamonds, silver and everything in abundance; – He does not need your money​.​
We need a new way of thinking about money. The tenth, that’s an old law. God wants us to be generous, as He is generous to us. He wants us to be honest men and women who keep their word. Therefore, first pay your debts, provide for your children, pay your electricity and keep all the promises you have made. He only wants to share in our abundance, and only when we are willing to share it joyfully. HE actually already has everything.

Thank You, Jesus! You are very generous to me. I want to be too! Help me to keep my promises and to pay my debts and to provide for my family properly! And I will thank You.

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