My Father – 2015.05.20

My Father – 2015.05.20

Because you are sons, God sent the spirit of His Son into our hearts, the spirit who calls out: " Abba, Father!"
Galathian 4:6
How wonderful is it that you have a Father! A Father who is patient, friendly, tender, gentle, and strong, who has time for His child who is accepted by Him unconditionally, a Father who gives everything for His child, believes in it, builds up, encourages, strengthens, and forgives. Yes such a great Father everyone would like to have, a Father whom one can trust totally. You can go to Him with joy in your heart or if you are in trouble. Then He will pat with His hands over the head, will comfort and embolden. He may be Father of more children but you receive His love as if you are His only one. You are for Him the center of the world. You are exceedingly valuable to Him, His little diamond. He lets you go in freedom but expects and waits that you will come back.He hates sin and does not like dirty things at all. But He loves you and wants to see you clean and pure. He will be silent when you only talk and discuss about Him. He likes it when we talk and walk with Him through the day. His heart seeks our vicinity. Yes, our Father is God the almighty and borderless God.
He knows our difficulties to rely on something which is not visible. Therefore He has given us His Spirit. If we invite Him He will dwell in our heart and do His work. He certifies that God is really our Father. He enables us to totally trust Him. He is the source of our faith. He shows us the Father and His Son Jesus. He gives us power to honor and lift up our Father and His Son. He wants us to believe. He sets free in us great faith. The fruits of faith are hope, power, and goals! How often we struggle each day whereas the Spirit of God likes to help us. He equip us with ernergy, targets, and trust. Yes, He carry us through to our destination. All who are guided by the Holy Spirit are children of God as it is said in Romans 8:14.
Even if you are 80 years old, be a child of faith again. You have a Father who loves you. If your personal father does not match all above ideals please contact the Father who fullfills them all. He will heal your wounds. If you do not have a natural father then accept Him. He likes to be your Father.

Thank you, Father in Heaven, that You are there! I am missing my father, he is with You already. But now I have a Father, who is even nearer at my side and loves me still more, has time for my smallest problems and lift me up always. He will not reject me because of my eyes and nose. He is the One to whom I can talk with whom I walk through the day, a real Father whom I can touch. How great that You are present!

Bible reading today: Psalm 97: 1-12

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