My Good Shepherd – 2014.11.11

The Lord is my shepherd.
I lack nothing. …
You set a table for me
right in front of my enemies.
You bathe my head in oil;
my cup is so full it spills over!
Psalms 23: 1.5
There are always situations where one lacks something. But God’s Word says: You will lack nothing!
That’s what I often tell the Lord and on what He responds. He sometimes makes me realize that I do not need the missing. Or He lets it get to me somehow. Or He finds a completely different solution, not the way I had imagined, but much better. Yes, I do not have everything, but I lack nothing. Even if something is lost, it do not really need to miss it. God is my good shepherd who takes care of my material things. And He is my Good Shepherd who takes care of my psychological affairs. If I lack wisdom, He gives it to me or He sends someone who knows the way. If I lack peace, He puts it in my heart when I’m with Him. Everywhere He compensates my lack. But when I search everywhere except in Him, then He can not compensate my lack, of course.
He cares for me, even when the enemy rages against me. He bathes my head in oil, with the Holy Spirit. The power of the spirit is very, very big! He fills my cup that it spills over; – For He is certainly not stingy. He does not fill the cup of worries or the cup of suffering, but He fills me with joy and power! In Hi I can trust, even when He does not immediately satisfy all my wishes. I know with Him I am in good hands and He does everything right in His time.
Last week I had more back pain day by day. At night I could not lie or sleep and not walk during the day. Of course I complained about my suffering to the Lord. Last night I had to lend my new, beautiful, soft mattress and had to sleep on my old hard mattress. But I slept wonderfully and today my back is very well. My Good Shepherd helped me. If He would have done it immediately, it would not have been worth mentioning for me. But because the pain was quite large and it was getting worse, I am so grateful for the salvation and I will not soon forget. Yes, He cares about everything!
He sets a table for me and fills my cup. – Yes, I have no need. We have to eat and drink, a roof over our head, clothes for the winter, firewood … and much more. He really cares for me. To Him I can entrust my daily needs!
Thank you, Jesus that You care for me! You are the Good Shepherd who cares for His sheep and are interested in everything. With You I am in good hands. Even today You guide me through the day and I can praise You full of thanks. You are my Good Shepherd, thank You!!

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