My great Treasure

My great Treasure

I’m overjoyed at your word,
like someone who finds great treasure.
Psalms 119, 162

God’s personal word to us pleases us more as every rich prey! It is simply stunning when the Heavenly Father speaks to us. That brings joy to our heart!
This morning I will enter the kitchen, on the stove there is my “office” and I will say: “Good morning, Father! Here I am again with all my burdens and problems. Hopefully it’s not too much for You, always the same things. I hope it does not annoy You.” Thereupon He whispers into my thoughts: “Don’t worry, I am waiting for you. I enjoy having community with you.”
Then I understood what Jesus wanted to say: “When you pray, don’t pour out a flood of empty words, as the Gentiles do. Your Heavenly Father knows what you need.” He really knows all my needs, because He is interested in every little thing in my life. Actually I don’t need to moan and complain, begging Him for help. He knows it all and holds everything in His hands. He, my Father, will never let me down! And I realized I could enter another dimension of prayer; – The little things are quickly cleared up. His words to me make my heart beat faster and send out joy. I began to praise Him and to sing little songs for Him.
Yes, then life becomes more fun! Look away from the “harassment and odds and ends” and turn your eyes upon Jesus! He wonderfully cares for me! His Word revives, pleases, makes free from all encumbrances, gives deep peace, encouragement, comforts, gives courage and hope….. where else could I make such a rich “booty”?
Songs of praise in mouth and heart, that is possible by the trust in our Heavenly Father. Praise makes you free from worries and burdens. Worship makes our heart grateful and where a grateful heart is, the Heavenly Father is near!

Thank You, Jesus, You have taken me all my burdens. Now I can praise You, and I am free! Give me more of Your spirit of worship, pleasure and gratitude! My life should be marked by Your heavenly joy! For You are my rock of salvation.

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