My heavenly Father – 2019.08.10

My heavenly Father – 2019.08.10

Your eyes saw my unformed substance: in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.
Psalm 139, 16

I love this psalm, I would like to learn it by heart and constantly say it before me. Because here is God’s declaration of love for me.
The Psalm describes how lovingly God surrounds me from all sides, how He knows every word and thought, how He knows my motives, my problems, my way, actually everything. And that without a raised index finger, without any threat, without condemnation, simply full of love and joy for me. That turns my thinking upside down!
He created me, made me in love. He likes the result, he enjoys it. I myself see what is missing or where a little thing is wrong. He sees everything together, and it fits together. He has other eyes like me, love eyes, no supercritical eyes that condemn everything that is different.
He saw how I was born, and He held His hand over me; otherwise I would not have been born in the first place. He sorted the genes, supervised the growth, He put good investments in me.
Some are good at this, others are. But I have my special gifts, which nobody else has like me. Wonderful! I am unique! Dear inferiority complexes, ade! Away with you! I am worth something!
Yes, for God I am worth very, very much. Not only after performance, but simply because I am His beloved child.
In His book every day was already recorded, only for me every day is new. Every day I have to decide again, I have to exert myself, work, remain faithful to Him, follow His Word ….. He already knows the result, but He pretends that everything is new for Him. Yes, this is my heavenly Father, He lets Himself down to my level, because I cannot climb up to His level.
I love my heavenly Father because He loves me so much. I am unique in His eyes, precious and incomparable. Slowly I am learning to see myself with God’s eyes. This is a process, I cannot do it well, because the criticism we have learned destroys everything. Let us rather see with God’s eyes! To ourselves, and of course to our children or parents and all other people!

Thank ​Y​ou, dear Father in heaven, for making me! You already knew every day in my life, and ​Y​ou said yes to me. You love me, ​Y​ou rejoice in me and are faithful to me. Thank ​Y​ou!

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