My King – 2016.06.17

My King – 2016.06.17

Your eyes will see the king in his beauty
and view a land that stretches afar.
In your thoughts you will ponder the former terror:
‘Where is that chief officer?’
Isaiah 33,17ff

A powerful prophecy of God amid turbulent times: you will see the King in all His beauty, in a wide open, peaceful land. You will remember the horrors of today and wonder: where is he who frightened me so? – he is no longer there.
Jesus is the King of kings. He will have the victory, for you and for me too. There may be dark nights, there may be enemies and problems: Jesus will carry us through. He is the Saviour!
In Heaven with our King we will live in safety. Joy and peace reign in Heaven. There we will finally experience justice. We can already have a preview of God’s Kingdom here on earth. His salvation, His comfort, His joy, His peace… all in His presence. If we are in Jesus’ hand, who can harm us?
No matter how powerful and strong the enemy, he deludes. He has to bow under the hand of Jesus. Important for us is to be there, in Jesus’ hand!
Jesus has only good plans for us.  He wants to give us a resting place at the water, because He knows: we need peace in our hearts. He takes us out of the battle to where we can breathe, restore our strength and let Him tend to our wounds. He is the Good Shepherd. He gives His life for His sheep; – we no longer have to.
Our King is glorious. His lustre outshines all else in Heaven. His magnificence shall shine across the earth. That is what Jesus wants to use us for: we can glorify Him by praising Him, being grateful to Him, obeying Him and doing His work. He shall live in us and we want to be safe in His hand.

Thank You, Jesus, You are victorious! In You I find safety in battle, peace in dispute, light in the darkness, mercy instead of ruthlessness, warmth instead of cold, acceptance instead of rejection. Lord, it is so good that we may be together. With You I can walk the hardest road, because You are there.

Bible study for today: Hebrews 5, 11 – 6, 12

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