My Prayer – 2019.07.03

My Prayer – 2019.07.03

Jesus says, this is how you should pray:
“Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be Your name …
for Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever!”
Matthew 6:9-13

I only pray to God, my Father!  To entrust myself to others is God an abomination. It is gloomy paganism and polytheism to deal with idols. One is not calling them explicitly God but one behave accordingly. Often one is dependent on people, relies on them, asks them for help, thanks and praises them. The Bible warns against it. Only God himself deserves thanks and praise.
God is Father, Son and Holy Ghost. True prayer is only within this Trinity. Just as Jesus, our Redeemer, only did what the Father liked, so I may come to God as His child in joy and trust. The prayers are free and cordial, completely informal without pious empty flourishes. The Holy Ghost is my Helper thereby who leads me into worship, into amazement and awe so that I fall  to my knees.
Every effective prayer begins with thanksgiving in worship, so that all our thoughts are focused only on Him. Thanksgiving is strengthening our faith for today and tomorrow. Gratitude is the key to many miracles and prayer hearing! How can I sincerely praise God`s goodness when I even can not thank for little things?
Trust and gratitude moves God to great deeds: Once upon a time such strong enemies had invaded Israel that there was no chance of defending themselves. But the devout king of Judah trusted in God and sent a group of worshipers to march ahead. And God created confusion and panic among the enemies that they killed each other. The Israelites only needed to collect the loot. Yes, that is God! Our gratitude and total trust touches Him and let Him be active!

Thank You, Father in Heaven! You are great and so wonderful!  How soothing that I may be Your child. You hold me tight in your powerful hands. I am safe with You! You never forget nor forsake me. Thank You for Your abundant love!


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