My purpose – 2015.08.07

My purpose – 2015.08.07

This, then, is how you ought to regard us: as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the mysteries God has revealed.
1 Corinthians 4:1

I would like to do so much for the Lord! There are things everywhere that should be done for Jesus. In the past, I could not hold myself back and did all those things, so I gave everything for the Lord. But later i noticed there are other people which have the right talents to do those things with ease, while i did not do a very good job because i was stressed by the same thing. I asked myself, where is a place for my in the Kingdom of God? Then the Lord gave me just a very small task and this small task I do with all my faith.
It is very liberating for me to know, I am not responsible for everything but only for this small task. I really enjoy doing this job – it fits the talents the Lord equipped me with. It is a task I need to do with care, it holds a lot of responsibility, but with the Lord I can do it with joy, it is never stressful. However, I can not become lazy and when I do, I have to call myself out and get myself in order. I have to pay attention to really do the work according to the Lord and not according to my laziness and pride. Nonetheless, this little job keeps me busy all day. All day I keep talking to the Lord, I keep asking, what and how he want it to be done. But it is so liberating to be only the custodian of a talent that was given by the Lord, so I am not responsible for the outcome.
Of cause, we try to do everything as good as we can but if God decides to work through my doing is nothing I can control. But he does! It is very encouraging for me to be faithful to him. Because he is faithful to me even if I was not always faithful to him.

Thanks you Jesus, for all the talents you have given! Thanks, your yoke is light comfortable, i like to wear it. You took the old yoke from me. That one was old, heavy, and broken, but now i wear yours. It is so easy to go through my life with you by my side. Because you are faithful to me and you care about me. You are a wonderful Lord.
Bible reading today: Psalm 103: 13-22

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