My secure shelter

My secure shelter

Be my secure shelter and a strong fortress to protect me.
Psalm 71, 3

We were in a city with the little ones. They ran everywhere and discovered the environment; – a lot of interesting things! But they always kept eye contact with us and ran just so far away that they could still see us. And when something happened they were coming fast to us and telling it or when they fell down they were coming for comfort.
We should do the same: we need this place of peace in our lives. We have to work, to travel, to play sports, to cultivate hobbies, to work in church and to do so many things. It is so good when our place of peace is always within reach and we always have the Lord before our eyes. When a question arises we turn to Him. When we make a mistake we quickly come to Him and ask for amends. When there is danger, we run to Him, because He is protection and security. When there is a conflict we hide ourselves under His wings. It is so good when we always have an eye contact with Him – the Lord and Master! It is so good that we always can come to Him; – HE always has time, is patient, powerful, loving, HE comforts… there is nothing with what we couldn’t come to Him.
Yes, HE is my secure shelter and a strong fortress to protect me!!
When I keep the eye contact with Him then I see that it goes on and on. A break, and the Lord goes one step further and I should follow Him. So is life not boring but exciting and full of adventure! What is HE going to do today? Where is HE going to go tomorrow? It is not monotonous, boring and fade with Him!
A wheel has many spokes and an axis in the middle about which it rotates. The wheel of our life should be like that. All areas revolve around Him, HE is the center and He joins everything meaningfully together. HE is secure shelter with whom the life succeeds.

It is so good, Jesus, You are the center, around which everything is rotating! Not misfortune and terror have the power but You. You are secure shelter even when all other things are unsafe. I always can come to You. Others are on vacation or make a break or are not competent. But You are there, – it is so good that I found You!!!

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