My Way – 2016.11.15

My Way – 2016.11.15

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this.
Psalm 37,5

David was an old man when he wrote this psalm (see verse 25). It is something akin to the balance sheet of his life. He did not always walk the road with God. Sometimes he went his own way. Certainly what happened with Bathsheba and Absalom was not pleasing to God. And yet he knows that God stands above his life, keeping watch. His entire life, including his mistakes and wrong decisions, was in the God’s hands. Such a realisation grants peace to the heart. Because we often reproach ourselves for our mistakes and wrong decisions. David had a problem, and many people have the same question: why is it that the godless live so comfortably? They have food in abundance, growing riches, they do what they want, are full of anger against the righteous, oppress the poor … and yet everything seems to be going right.
David writes about the present. Yes, for now it seems as if everything is going right for the godless, and God does not seem to intervene. But God looks beyond the present. The godless are suddenly annihilated, like grass in full bloom that is cut down with the scythe. They vanish. Not a trace of them remains.
When bad times descend, the righteous remain safe. God takes care of them. But the godless have no protection.
Spurgeon compares the godless to a fattened ox. He is fattened and becomes only the best so that he becomes big, fat and round. And then he is decorated and taken to the slaughterhouse.
David prefers to remain close to his Lord. He knows: God never wants anything bad from him! He knows the blessing of God: peace, assurance, joy, provision, protection and forgiveness. And at the end communion with God in Heaven. He never wants to trade places with a godless person! He knows God disciplines us so that we may become more like Him. God has His reasons for not granting us all the riches. As long as we are with Him, He tries to discipline us. It may be hard and difficult at times, but He knows we can handle it. When God stops disciplining us, it means He has given up on us;- but that is something He will never do.
Thank You, Heavenly Father! My entire life is in Your hands. The past, when You were the Lord; – even when there was much that You permitted. The present, in which You are the Lord;- in Your hands I am safe. The future, where You are the Lord;- I entrust myself to You and want to accept everything from Your hand. You are the God I can trust!

Bible study for today: Psalm 5

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