New Hope – 23.10.2016

New Hope – 23.10.2016

Because the poor won’t be forgotten forever,
the hope of those who suffer won’t be lost for all time.
Psalms 9:18

There are people, who live in a situation that is very depressing for a long, long time. And nothing happens to make it better. Slowly they have lost hope and they feel forgotten.
God wants to say today: He has not forgotten you! And your hope is not in vain! He wants to give new courage again, for He is with you in this oppressive situation. He has a purpose for you, and He will reach it, for He is God, the LORD!
He wants you to completely abandon your cause or situation to Him and that you no longer roll around in the filthy misery. Look forward to Him! Lift your head, don’t longer look at the dirty bottom! And start wondering what you can do to change the situation. Maybe you need to forgive someone? Maybe end a relationship? Perhaps you lack the living relationship to our Heavenly Father? Perhaps you did not handle well with some entrusted money? He will show it to you and then you can tackle and cope with the problem, together with His help.
But He wants you to begin looking forward right now and to thank Him for His help from now on. When Israel was on the flight from Egypt, the sea lay before them, and the army of Egypt behind them. A case without a glimmer of hope. But not for God! He brought the Israelites dry-shod through the sea and let the enemies drown therein. It was a way out no one could imagine before. But God is wiser than we; – He always has a way out.
Therefore begin to thank Him. He wants you to be happy. Because this situation will not last forever and you can also in and despite this situation, live your faith cheerfully. For He is with you.
Thank you, Jesus, You’re still the Lord. You always have the last word. You know my situation and know a way out. And I can now look forward, for You are my helper and savior. You have not forgotten me; You yourself are my hope now.

Bible Reading Today: John 15, 1 – 8

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