Nicodemus – 2020.06.02

Nicodemus – 2020.06.02

It was a Pharisee named Nicodemus, a leading man among the Jews. He sought Jesus out by night….
John 3:1f.

Three times John reports about Nicodemus in his gospel. The first time Nicodemus secretly scurried to Jesus at night. And it seems to me that Jesus was already waiting for him. HE did not stay long with prefaces and pleasantries, but told him immediately: “You must be born again, otherwise you cannot see the Kingdom of God. – Jesus answered all the questions that Nicodemus had on his mind, even though he himself did not know exactly. But he was looking for redemption, the consolation of Israel, a new heart, the grace of God instead of cold law…… Jesus had all the answers for him. And it seems that His answers made Nicodemus a Christian, one who alone follows Christ. At first Nicodemus was afraid of the Jews, the priests and the superiors, afraid for his good reputation as a Pharisee. Later, he was the only one to defend Jesus against plans to kill Him. And He anointed the body of Jesus together with Joseph of Arimathea for burial. He was not only a fan of Jesus, but loved Him. Jesus was not one of many to worship, but the center of the life of faith.
Nicodemus had realized that keeping the commandments does not make anyone happy. He realized that there must be another way to God, a way that normal people can go. That’s why he came to Jesus asking and seeking. Jesus gave him the answer: You must be born of the Spirit, from on high, otherwise you can never see the Kingdom of God! – And it seems that Nicodemus began to believe in Christ as his personal Saviour. It is grace, not the law, that makes us happy and brings us to God. The Pharisees wanted to be holy, they wanted to have something to show before God. But grace is a gift for those who cannot bring anything to God.
He came secretly, in the dark night, perhaps still hooded. Do not be ashamed of Jesus! HE is waiting for you. HE has the answers your heart needs: Grace, a new birth, leaving the old behind, starting a new life together with God, a new life under grace .

Thank You Jesus, You were gracious to Nicodemus, and You are gracious to me too. At night, in the dark, You wait. When all the lights are out, You speak. Words of life, words of love, words that take away loneliness. How good that You are here!

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