No Condemnation – 2014.11.25

So now there isn’t any condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.
Romans 8:1

So short, concise and succinct is the statement. The whole the Letter to the Romans is about sin and redemption, and here is the result: no condemnation, no ifs, no buts. Who is in Christ, has won!
God likes to forgive! Because of His great love and mercy it is no difficulty for Him. He is even happy to be able to forgive and to have fellowship with us humans again.
But for us humans forgiveness is difficult. How often do we make ourselves allegations and condemn ourselves: Now I did again… or: I will never make it, I’m a dead loss… It seems like we like to condemn ourself, and the enemy uses that and rubs our trespasses constantly in our face, so that we never forget it. We need to make our sins appear small and to apologize with all possible, so that we do not perish. But Jesus wants another way out, our lies shall break up. He wants to get us into freedom.
When we understand that our sin is completely ashed away, that God doesn’t blame us, but still has hope for us, we ought to imitate Him: I forgive myself as God forgives me. I forget my sin, just as God forgets. I will not wallow in the mud, but praise Him who has cleansed me. I have hope that Jesus will make me to that human who God wanted me to be. Yes, because of Jesus I have much hope!
Thank you, Jesus, that You truly forgive me and have great hopes for me. You yourself will help me to become what You want. Help me to believe You that there is no more condemnation or damnation and help me that I no longer condemn other people. For You love me and I am Your child.
Dear ones,
I am incredibly grateful that these devotions are read by so many people. I’m happy to see that they are not only known in Germany, but also in Lithuania and some English speaking countries. Unfortunately it is very difficult for me alone to translate the German devotions into English every day. So I want to appeal to all readers, to you personally, to help spreading God’s wonderful word. Maybe you are very talented in languages, or you have studied German and English and are thereby able to help us with the translations. You don’t need to be perfect, it just matters that you do it with all your heart.
Please comment if you are interested. 🙂

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