No more worries ….   –  2020.09.29

No more worries ….   –  2020.09.29

So do not worry, saying, “What shall we eat?” or “What shall we drink?” or “What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.
Matthew 6, 31f.

Our Father in Heaven is wonderful; HE thinks of everything! Already in creation we see how wonderful He has made the smallest things; – this cannot be by chance, only the Lord can do it. And we are His children. Should He begin to be stingy with us? Should He withhold bread, water and clothing from us? No, He loves His children and is happy to provide them with good things! As long as we are not lazy ourselves, He provides for us and gives success to our doing.
But if there are problems at work, if you are threatened with dismissal, if you get sick or are too old to work, when …..  yes, this raises the fear: What am I supposed to live on? I have family, I have to provide for them! – and panic sets in. We know that there is an employment office and also a social welfare office, but fear is the first thing that defines us. This is particularly bad for self-employed people who are not covered by social security. This fear makes us ready to compromise with sin. It is also known as “existential fear”, i.e. fear for one’s existence. But our fear and panic is unfounded. First of all, we have social systems that catch us, and then there is still God. What does it matter if you lose your job? HE is still the same and He takes care of you. HE has already helped many people to a new, often better job. How many times have I heard that Christians found money on the street to pay for their bus ticket. Or a nice, fat  salami. Or anything else that was missing and yet so desired. God often fulfils the wishes of our hearts, which makes Him happy.
Only with the small believers, who always doubt everything, He cannot do much. He can save us from starvation, yes, but there is nothing more he can do. But whoever happily trusts in the Lord, He will spoil him with pleasure, there are almost no limits.
He who wants to take care of himself, let him do so. But you can be more carefree, stress-free and generous if you leave everything to God. You make an effort and give your best, and God lets it succeed. HE is a wonderful father!

Thank You Heavenly Father, for being so concerned about me! I am glad that I am Your child and that You take care of me. That is so relieving, so liberating, so beneficial! No more stress, no real worries, how good it feels!

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