Normal evangelism – 2020.08.20

Normal evangelism – 2020.08.20

Jesus says to the disciples:
Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.
Mark 16, 15

That’s what the Bible says, but we don’t do it. We prefer to stay at home and sit on the sofa. And we preach the gospel in church and wait for the people who want to hear it .
Nah, it wasn’t like that in the book of Acts! They really went for it. And because in the beginning they didn’t want to walk, but made themselves comfortable in Jerusalem, there was a persecution and the first Christians spread all over the country. So the gospel was spread.
All Christians were like missionaries, witnesses of Jesus. The Gospel was in Rome long before Paul arrived there. Within a few years it had reached the whole known world, there were Christians everywhere. When Paul arrived in a Greek city, his opponents said: “The people who arouse the whole world have now also arrived here .
Most Christians were not preachers. They were only witnesses and prayers. But this was enough for Jesus, because HE confirmed their weak words and deeds by signs and wonders. When I was not yet a Christian, no sermon could have made me believe, it was too ridiculous. What was claimed there! One really could not believe that. – But God worked on my heart and I searched and found Him. Tonight I told my son what made a very, very deep impression on me. It was “only” a small thing, but it was something special. We went on a bicycle tour with the youth group. At the end we turned off the bikes, closed them and spent a good, happy time. When we wanted to go back home, a girl couldn’t find her bike key. For half an hour we looked for the small key in the high grass, but no chance. Then the leader told us to pray. Otherwise he did not know how to help himself. And the amazing thing was, even before the prayer of the leader was over, the key was found in the grass.  Yes, such a small key, and God did hear. Then I realized how much God is interested in our “little things” and I learned to trust. – I have never forgotten that lesson. It was one of the foundations of my faith and my relationship with Jesus: HE loves me!
What preaching could not do, the little key could do.
This is how our evangelism should be: key experiences with Jesus! Have courage to pray with people! Tell what you have experienced with Jesus! You may leave the result to Jesus – you only need to pray.

Thank Jesus that You stand by Your word. You confirm our testimony and our prayer. You Yourself want people to come to faith. You are really wonderful!

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