Not alone – 2019.05.24

Not alone – 2019.05.24

Jesus told him:
Truly I tell you, today YOU will still be WITH ME in paradise.
Luke 23, 43

The bad news is: The criminal who hung next to Jesus on the cross had to die before he entered paradise with Jesus. The good news is that we no longer need to die on the cross to be connected to Jesus “in paradise”.
He died for me, so that I no longer need to die and no longer belong to death. He lives, God has awakened Him, and God will also awaken me.
Through forgiveness I am pure and connected with Jesus, and I can stand pure before the heavenly Father.
Loneliness is a big problem for many people. They cannot stand being alone. Too many negative thoughts attack them when they are alone. They have to listen to music loudly or let the TV run. Loneliness is a feeling that can totally overwhelm a person until he panics or goes insane. It is a power that wants to destroy us.
Loneliness in itself is not bad. We need it when we have to make decisions or when we want to recharge our batteries and recover. But the panic-like power of loneliness is consistently negative, an enemy attack on our life and psyche.
Jesus wants to be victorious in our lives. That is why HE wants to live in our hearts. Then we will never be alone again; – He is always there. As long as we keep contact with Him, He works in us against loneliness. He is noticeably there, speaks into our thoughts, takes away the pressure and the panic. In His name we find peace. Call on Him in need and He will save you. He is the Saviour and the Prince of Peace. Do not fear solitude, enjoy it in conversation with Jesus. Then you are in paradise.

Thank You Jesus! You are with me every day until the end of the world. It is nice to sit in the garden and talk to You. Thank You for Your devotion, Your signs of love, Your good thoughts, Your liberation and salvation. Thank You for healing my soul, even if it “only” progresses step by step. Thank You, You are good to me!

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