Not judge, but savior – 2015.08.14

Not judge, but savior – 2015.08.14

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
John 3:17

When a disaster strikes people sometimes ask, what have i done to deserve this? Behind this is the question: Why did God punish me again? But God does not punish all small evil deeds, bad words or ill thoughts. If he did so, all men would cry constantly. He does not punish the big bad deeds either, since where is the line between big and small evil deeds?
He does not punish at all!- This is what Jesus tells us. We have to live with the consequences of our doings but God does not punish us. He is against punishing, he really does not like it. He gave everything so no he does not have to punish anyone anymore. He gave his only son so he would die at the cross for our sins in our place. We are truly free of all punishment! There is only one sin, which is punished by hell: The lack of faith in Jesus. God wants a heartfelt, loving relationship with us humans. He wants to be the savior, the father, the creator, and conservator.
Jesus is the only way to escape judgment. Once at the end of all days God has to judge us. He will judge all humans, even Death will be judged. All that did not cling to Jesus will be forgotten, but those that he could save will have a place at his side. But on earth there will be no judgment. Today is a day of mercy not a day of judgment, we should use it! Today, because of Jesus who is our advocate he is merciful.

Thank you, father who art in heaven! I am free of sin and i do not need to fear punishment! I am glad, that today is the day of mercy! Thanks, that you are not mad at me for all what i have done. You love me and you save me. Help, so all men can hear: Today you do not want to judge me, but save me!

Bible reading today: Psalm 107:23-43

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