Oil of joy instead of despair – 2016.10.27

Oil of joy instead of despair – 2016.10.27

… Oil of joy instead of mourning,
a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.
Isaiah 61: 3

Yes, that’s why Jesus came so that we get the oil of joy to cheer us, so that the sadness will end and the desperation dissolves. Is not that great?
Jesus invites all to come to Him. For he has the power to transform sorrow into joy. Sadness sticks as a garment to many people, it becomse something like their second skin. Sorrow about the trouble in the world, the great despair, inaction against hunger and poverty, the great emptiness in life. No sense …. why take so many lives. The glittering light of cities covers only the inner suffering. You do not want it to admit, but it’s there: Life has no meaning and no goal; – Despair, sadness. We want to stifle that feeling and plunge into the fray, fun at any cost! Alcohol, pills, drugs and sex!
And Jesus is standing there, reaching for us. He has the power to change everything. He has the power to make a new man out of us – a man created in God’s ideas, the image of God. He gives peace to the heart that goes deeper than any reason. He is the one who fills our hearts with joy that explodes every barrier. He is the only way that the sin can truly be forgiven. He is the physician of the soul, which gives peace.
He stands there and reaches for us.
When will I come? Today he calls me. Yes, I will go to him, spill my heart and let me get comfort from Him. I want him in my heart, to be very closely with Him. He is the great Redeemer, my peace, my comforter, helper and King. He makes me pure, dresses me with justice, takes me in his arms. Yes, HE is the one who makes all things new.
He stands there and stretches out His hand to us from.
Jesus, I say yes to you. I want you! You shall be my Lord and make my life again. Desperation and sadness reigned for long enough. I want to wear your joy and oil! Thank you, Jesus, you take me into favor and make a new man of me, marked by joy!

Bible Reading Today: John 16: 16-24

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