Old, blind, and deaf! – 2019.06.12

Old, blind, and deaf! – 2019.06.12

When Isaac was old and his eyes were so weak,​ ​that he could no longer see… .
Genesis 27:1

Isaac the long-promised son of Abraham, had got old, was blind and probably could hear badly too. He wanted to bless his first born son. However, his wife Rebekah wanted the blessing for Jacob whom she loved. Both succeeded to deceive Isaak. Jacob not Esau was blessed. So Jacob became one of the fathers of Israel.
God already had promised at the birth of the twins that Jacob and not Esau will be the blessing bearer of the people of Israel. Rebekah has helped here.
When I thought about the blindness of Isaac it came to my mind that many Christians who have followed Jesus throughout their lives become blind to God and His ways in old age. They still know all biblical rules, have experienced much with God but they are not open anymore for His presence, no longer hear His voice, can no longer distinguish whether God or the world speaks to them. Their ears and eyes urgently need to be reopened. Instead of living in the past they should seek again the Lord, His living face, daily. Worries fill their soal. When they will find peace in Jesus again?
We do not want to be deceived like Isaac in old age. That should not happen with us. Isaac was deaf. We want to hear Gods voice every day. We want to train our eyes and ears to experience Gods presence, want to practice that daily until the end of our life. Retirement will be in heaven only!

Lord, forgive me if I have become blind and deaf. Please forgive when worries are occupying me and pull me away from Your word and peace. Open my heart, my ears and eyes again! I will turn back to You my Redeemer, Light of life, my hope, my everything!

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