Open Heart  –  209.11.13.

Open Heart  –  209.11.13.

So give Your servant a discerning heart.
1 Kings 9

God asked Solomon what kind of gifts he would like to have. A discerning heart was the answer after a long careful consideration. Not richness, not success, not the death of his enemies, not a long life, health, but an open heart listening to justice. Solomon was convinced that he could rule the people justly only in this way. God was pleased about this request and said that He will give him in addition richness, success, a long life and honor.
A man with an open heart is humble, restrain himself and give honor to the next. He like to know and to understand what the other person is thinking, want to learn more about him. There are too many who are answering with a too quick tongue. They do not let you finish your sentence. They seem to know everything, talk, comment everything… a bad fruit of a presumptious heart.
If we want to walk in Gods ways in our life, wish to have a good marriage, want to run a family well, want to avoid insincerity in our daily work, if we want to be a living building block in the church if Jesus, we must have an open discerning heart. God truly speaks to us but we do not listen. Instead we talk about our own views and thoughts. How then you can go the right way?
Jesus seeked the silence in the early morning to hear God
s voice. Moses obviously needed 40 years to hear Gods voice. John the Baptist lived in the desert with a listening heart. Also Paul received an open ear for Gods purpose in the desert of Arabia. How you want to be a true Christian, want to follow Jesus without being able to hear God`s voice?
The silent, the people with the open heart are the friends of God blessed by Him richly and cordially welcomed before His throne. He hardly can decline their prayers. I learnt many great persons in the Kingdom of God who were all wonderful listeners. They were great preachers and had an open ear at the same time in personal conversations. The Lord blesses the humble and lift them up.
It is truly very difficult for us to trust and listen. How many of my useless activities could have been avoided if I only would have contacted my Lord before. Never I had time for that….

Lord, I want to listen to You! And will take time for that. Yes, Your opinion, Your reply is of absolute importance for me. Please speak and I will follow!

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