Our Children  –  2020.01.08

Our Children  –  2020.01.08

Jesus then said to Martha:
“Did I not tell you that if you believe,
you will see the glory of God!”

Many parents are concerned about whether their children will accept Jesus as their Lord to be not lost forever. As children they have their childlike belief and love God. But with increasing age,so at 14,this kind of faith ends and they have to find their peronal faith, a living relationship with Jesus. However, often the children as adolescents then check out everything else that the world had to offer them as attractive temptations. Bad times for parents.
Sometimes own children get involved in so much difficulties that a return to God seems to be almost impossible. Now they alone have to answer to God as free persons. We as their parents can no longer prescribe them anything. We suffer a lot from our children rejecting God.
It could be that the parents and the church gave reasons for this refusal, that they have to accept part of these accusations. But in the end the young person himself is responsible to live a life in freedom and independence. The decision is soley up to him. We, parents, can do nothing but love and pray. God will be at our side and sees our situation. We will cast all our worries unto Him.
But how should I pray for my children that they find God? There is no recipe, no fixed wordings, nor can we press God. Deep in our heart we have to trust and hope.
The promise is only based on a faithful prayer. I am grateful that God cares for my children, leads them and intervenes at the right time. It is God who saves. We have to trust Him hundred percent, leave all our worries up to Him. We can do nothing. Our trust in young people is the best help.
We, ourselves, can always refer to the promisses of God: You have said… and I will rely on that! This will give us peace.
Please read the Bible when you need an answer for any kind of above problems.

Thank You, Jesus, You hear my prayer! You know my fears and give me peace! Halleluja!

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