Our children  –  2020.08.02

Our children  –  2020.08.02

Jesus said: “Let the little children come to me,
and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.
Matthew 19:14

My sons daily learn how to live with God just as they have learned how to breathe, to run, how to behave at the dining table, and also how to drive the car… this is normal and necessary. They internalize it by checking the behavior of other people, by watching my daily faith life. I do not force them to stay in church when they get too much bored. God will lead them. I entirely entrust them to Him.
How often, however, children are hindered to come to Jesus! So many parents do not give to them any informations about Jesus, or the Father. Or many parents have a religious life but have no living relationship with God. The children see that quickly. Their parents threaten them with Christian doctrines, with an angry God. In fact they, as a deterrent example, do everything to keep them away from true believing.
We parents have to take care from the very beginning how our children are approaching Christian faith. It is so important that we are good examples, show them a natural, righteous life with God. We impart them the power of biblical stories, which we read to them. We teach them to pray.
Jesus is right: We older people have to become like children first so that the kingdom of heaven can dwell in us and our love for the Father is simple accordingly. Then, with God`s Help, the Christian upbringing of our children will be successful. How often do I pray for their spiritual wellbeing?  Is it the most important thing for me that they become citizens of the kingdom of heaven? Or is my service done to them by smearing the bread for them only?  Children go through many phases of belief. We have to take our time and be sensitive enough to pick them up where spiritually they are. Fortunately there are books which can help thereby, for instance those of TeamF or Sandforth.
Children quickly notice, when we impatiently judge them. Then they withdraw and close up. We better should take them as they are and be wise with our corrections.
I did a lot wrong with my bringing-up of my now grown children. Now I will do better with my little ones. Of course I will continue praying for them, talking to them, will use every chance. I am so grateful to God for all my children. I can learn from them very much. They shape me – how wonderful!

Thank You, Jesus, for the children. You like to be a friend also to them. You love them. Thank You for hearing their prayers. I do not want to prevent them to be near to you. Give me wisdom, patience and love to draw them nearer to You.

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