Our daily bread​ – 2019.07.09​

Our daily bread​ – 2019.07.09​

Give us this day our daily bread.
Matthew 6, 11

Jesus tells us in the Our Father that we should pray like this: Give us this day our daily bread.
This request requires a lot of trust. We must know the Lord well before we pray something like this with confidence. We must know that He hears us and is concerned for us. He never lets us out of his sight and sees everything that could cause us problems.
One verse in the Bible says: We should bring our petitions before God with thanksgiving. This means that we should be sure that He hears our prayer, and therefore already when we ask, we should say thank you.
Without trust we should not even pray. Prayer would not even penetrate the ceiling above us and would certainly not be brought before God’s throne by faith.
So if we have problems with food, drink, clothing, a roof over our head or work, let us remember how often the Lord has helped us. We want to give thanks for this, so that we can see it before our eyes. We want to remind God of His goodness and decide to trust in Him. He will certainly not let us down. – But let us not set conditions for what we want and what we do not want. “Please no rye bread, I only like toast”, or: “4 hours of work a day at full salary”. God never lets himself be dictated by our stubborn head, nor does He let himself be blackmailed, nor can one negotiate with Him: “If I do this, You give me a nice lunch!” – No, God is not childish, He wants to be gracious.
God wants to reward our faith. That is why He makes us dependent on Him, like Georg Müller with his 10,000 orphans, whom He only fed with donations (at that time social grants did not exist). That’s why he is a hero of faith, read his biography.
If we constantly worry about our daily needs, then it may help to read Psalm 139 and the verses Matthew 6, 19 – 33 again and again and learn them by heart (He will help!).
I wish we could all experience God’s daily miracles of care! They are so amazing and wonderful! Unfortunately, we would not experience these miracles if there were no problems ….

Thank you, Jesus! You are my best friend and You will never forget or abandon me! Even my mistakes and my little faith You forgive. Thank You! Thank You for Your daily care! Even if father and mother forget me, You never forget me. You are wonderful!

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