Our faith is the victory – 2016.06.04

Our faith is the victory – 2016.06.04

Because our faith is the victory that has overcome the world.
1 John 5: 4

And why? Are the churches so strong? Are there so many believers? Do we pray so well? No, it is only and solely because of Jesus Christ.
If you read through the book of Acts, one victory after another is described. The Kingdom of God spread like wildfire all over the world. Even when Stephen was stoned, it was a victory. For he triumphed over death and his killers.
Jesus Christ is the victor over all! Over illness and sin, death and destruction over darkness and despair, of hunger and thirst, natural disasters and wars; – He is the Lord. He has the power to create all things, and to end all things. We are safe in Him, we are the winners.
Some have understood it and have been be called by this Lord. Since then, they changed the world: Billy Graham was one of them. But there are still many others who build God’s kingdom with great power here on earth. We want to classify us in this series and vigorously help the human race, to have a divine outlook.
How can it be that today nearly 50 million people are held as slaves? How can it be that today people have to work for starvation wages? Or that thousands starve, suffocate, drown, die of curable diseases, whole nations are terrorized by small groups …. ??? Where are the Christians?
Jesus lives in our hearts. There he rules. And from there, He wants to save and change the world. He does not send us alone, He is in us. He builds up our little human effort; – He gives us His Holy Spirit of power, love and mercy. He gives us no instructions, but discusses with us as with friends all things. He builds us; – He wants to bless our way and make us to be a blessing. He knows that there will be a lot of resistance and struggle. But He dares us towards suffering, just as Stephen, Paul, Peter. All gave their all for their Lord; – just as the LORD had given all things for us.
Let us again call the Lord and take our place in order to save the world by our faith, by our Lord Jesus Christ. HE is our victory!

Thank You Lord! You do not disappoint our faith. With You, I can talk about everything and You put your thoughts and words in my heart. With You I can dare anything, because You are the winner. Thank You care for me in every way; – I am now free to take care of You.

Bible Reading Today: 2 Timothy 2, 1-13

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