Our Struggle – 23.01.2015

Although we live in the world, we don’t fight our battles with human methods.
2 Corinthians 10:3
Isn’t it a contradiction that we have to fight? Actually we should leave everything to God! Yes, our struggle as well.
Our struggle is not like people usually fight. They are fighting for power, money, jobs, career, for their children, more holidays and for their rights. We do our job and thank God for His blessings; We are satisfied with what God gives us. For in the kingdom of God these are all minor matters; – He likes to give us something of His immense wealth. Our struggle is totally different than the struggle people fight normally.
We do not fight against others, but against ourselves. Our big, fat I should finally pushed off the throne, so that our Jesus-I rules. Our stubborn, whining, hard and bitter heart should become soft and compassionate, a real Jesus heart. We fight against the desires, laziness, self-indulgence …. We fight against our pride, self-righteousness, unbelief, bitterness and greed. We fight against the thinking of the world in ourselves, because it shapes us unconsciously. Advertisement with its sayings: "You have got to spoil yourself sometimes" or: "I am going to treat myself!" – Is quickly fixed in our thinking. The "right" to health, holidays, a car …. ; – Let’s rather prefer to examine our thinking, where it is shaped christian, and where earthly!
And once we sin, we quickly run to Jesus so that the dark forces within us do not have time to settle in us. Already at the beginning of the Bible, God warns us: If you had done the right thing, you would be smiling; but because you have done evil, sin is crouching at your door. It wants to rule you, but you must overcome it.” (Genesis 4:7)
Our fight is a fight for mercy and justice. At school, at work, in politics, anywhere we’re needed.
Our fight is against the dark forces. We have a weapon which is thanksgiving and praise. For where God is, there is light and evil with its darkness must disappear. We can command evil forces in the name of Jesus and they must obey and disappear. So you can liberate people.
It’s relaxing, that I just have to decide to do His work and to go with Him hand in hand. He is doing the actual fighting.
Let us rise up and fight the good struggle of faith!!
Thank you, Jesus, for You have already won the fight. I cling myself to You and want to go along with You in the triumphal march! My old "I" shall no longer govern, but You shall be my king! Thank You for helping me in all things.

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