Our world view  –  2021.03.17

Our world view  –  2021.03.17

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1, 1

We humans form ideas and images about our world.  We are fascinated by how things work, how the world came into being, how it will be in the future and what our purpose as humans is.
Since man no longer wants to believe in God, the Creator, he tries to explain everything as if there were no God. And we as Christians grew up in this culture and this thinking devoid of God; – it has shaped us. Now we have become Christians, but we are stuck in our old ways of thinking, and has has shaped our beliefs and ideas.
Many people think that the visible and invisible world are like two levels that lie on top of each other and do not mix. God above and our world below. Sometimes God intervenes in our world, but really He is only an observer. That is why, when we pray, we need intercessors on the other side, a Mother of God or special saints who intercede for us. This world view is not biblical.  Christ had a different picture of reality.
The Bible says that the invisible world permeates our visible world and constantly intervenes and controls it. Many natural scientists confirm this by saying that it is actually impossible for the stars to follow their paths so constantly. There are other forces at work that keep them in their orbits. There are also many questions in other areas if one wants to explain the world devoid of God.
God’s Kingdom permeates our world like a mist that penetrates everything, even our inner being. So it is no longer hard for us to understand that the Spirit of God dwells in our bodies and keeps everything in balance. A person living without God becomes disordered, sick and unbalanced. That is why turning to Jesus so often brings physical healing.
When we understand the presence of God’s Kingdom within us and within our world, it is much easier for us to pray and believe in miracles and God’s intervention. Everything in the Bible suddenly becomes natural, self-evident and logical. It makes us happy! We begin to understand why revival happens in many countries and so little here in icy Europe. It is up to us as Christians and our faith; – and faith depends on the way we view things.
That is why the Bible says: Renew your thinking! Tear down the bulwarks of the enemy in your mind! Give room to the Spirit of God! Then the Holy Spirit can also work revival in us.

Thank You Jesus, You are here! We can ask for anything and everything, because You are there! You love us and want to do us good, – please do it! I want to count much more on Your active grace and not believe in a God who is enthroned unreachably far away in heaven. You are there! How wonderful for me!

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