Painful questions  –  2020.05.12

Painful questions  –  2020.05.12

Jesus said:
I have compassion for these people.  … I do not want to send them away hungry.
Matthew 15, 32

For three days the people listened to Jesus. They needed these words of life. Everything else became irrelevant because they found what their soul needed. Jesus took pity on these people and wanted to give them food to take home. So He multiplied the bread and the fish and all were sated.
Jesus treats us the same way: He doesn’t want to send us away hungry. Sometimes we ask ourselves question after question: Why did God allow this? How could this happen? Why was I so stupid? Why did I do this? These are agonizing questions that keep us awake at night. Again and again they come and make us sad, angry or hopeless.
But HE is here! HE understands the questions, sees to the deepest depth of our heart and knows all the connections. HE alone can give answers. HE has words of life and not of damnation.
With Him find the answer. Sometimes He does not explain to us exactly why and how this or that happened. But He makes us realize that everything was in His hands at all times. It was His decision, and we can find peace in it.
How much the poor heart is troubled by these endless questions: Why, how, why me of all people? But the answer can only be found in Him, in His presence. No logical explanation gives us comfort. Time does not heal memories. He alone can give us comfort and a future.
Why? Why? – These questions will come to rest when we become one with Him. Then there will be peace in our hearts, rest. – At last!
Come to Jesus’ heart and be comforted by all the sorrows of your life. HE is the best Comforter, who consoles us to the very depths of our heart and in whom we find peace.
He knows what we hunger for, and He has the medicine.

Thank You Jesus, You do not want to send us away hungry! Of course, sometimes Your answer does not suit us. But when I look at You, when I feel You in my heart, then I have enough answers. You are the Lord who loves me from the heart. Thank You!

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