Persecution – 2020.01.21

Persecution – 2020.01.21

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kind of evil against you because of me … For in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
Matthew 5, 11f.

Jesus says this, and His word carries weight. HE knows that His disciples will be persecuted, slandered and tormented, just as He was. Jesus has preceded us this way and expects us to follow Him. We do not seek suffering, but it will inevitably come to us as we walk our way with Him. Therefore, we should not be surprised when we are slandered, although we mean well and try to help people. If they do not prove us wrong, then they will doubt our motivation and accuse us of greed for money or hunger for power.
This is because the children of the world are open to the whispers of the enemy, and we often do not reckon with the enemy having so much influence. But he uses his power over men and incites them against the followers of Jesus Christ. Because Jesus is the enemy of the devil, Jesus wants to destroy his works and free men from the clutches of evil. Jesus wants to end and destroy sin and death, illness and captivity. How good for us!
But the fight for people comes at a price. Never has a war or battle been fought where the participants sat comfortably on the sofa and were unwilling to pay even a small price.
As soon as we start fighting the enemy, he will always try to do us harm. This may take the form of an accidents, marital quarrels, children doing crazy things, sickness or the car breaking down. Authorities may start putting obstacles in our way. The most outrageous lies are told about us. We may even be subjected to magic, curses and satanic rituals performed against us. Or the enemy sends us charming girls, lavishes us with money and luxury or makes us proud of our influence ….. He is very clever, let’s just pay attention!
Let us hide under the wings of the eagle, Jesus Christ. There we are safe. Even if some things break, He keeps us standing. HE comforts us. He makes us strong. He helps us to see the enemy’s attacks in advance. HE helps us to pray for each other and to forgive each other. HE is our rock, even when the earth quakes.

Thank You Jesus, I can rely on You. You keep your word. I am safe with You. Yes, I follow You. I’ll follow You, even if it’s hard, because You’ve got my back. Thank You, Jesus.

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