Politics  –  2020.07.07

Politics  –  2020.07.07

Jesus said:
Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming “I am the Messiah,” and will deceive many.
Matthew 24, 4f

How we wish for peace on earth! Happiness for everyone, food and no more hunger, no more wars …. And when someone promises all this, we cheer for him.
There is no other way to explain the phenomenon that so many Christians cheer for “strong” men. They do something Christian-like and let us pray for them and already they are Christian superstars. They enact laws that we Christians like and we elect them. Hitler enraptured the Christians in a similar way and they prayed for him and believed in him.
The Bible writes about the authorities, the rulers, mostly not very positive. They enrich themselves, they plunder their subjects, they rule with arbitrariness, they love power . There were only King David and some exceptions who really listened to God and were a great blessing for their people. I admire Christians who go into politics and take responsibility! We must pray for them!
I watch with great concern how Christianity is splitting into two camps when it comes to politics. Besides, there are among us Christians the followers of conspiracy theories, who smell secret world governments everywhere. This happened in the 3rd Reich under Hitler already.
I was looking forward to a sermon on the Internet by a great German pastor. And it started out well, but after about five minutes he said that 2 men – whose names he mentioned – were the worst boys of all time, and he continued. So I turned it off. I don’t need that.
We need to pray for our authorities, so that we can live a quiet life. We need to respect and honour them. But we’re not supposed to expect miracles from them. We are to believe in our Christ, Savior and Messiah, not in a chosen strong man.
We should not be afraid of everything and fear it.  That we leave to the unbelievers. Our trust is in Jesus.
Our task is to glorify the name of Jesus, to serve Him in words and deeds. We should not look upon one man as an instrument of God, as the Messiah, and believe him.
We are not to divide! Christianity should be united in intercession, but not in rejoicing for one man! Salvation comes from Jesus!
Please, do not let yourselves be tempted. Turn on your faith and also your intellect and do not make yourselves equal to the pack! It only leads to quarrelling and division, but not to “salvation”.
The Messiah is coming. But he is neither man nor program. It is Jesus, only Jesus.

Jesus, we believe You! You alone are the Saviour, who sets us free and brings life. You give us heaven, You conquer plagues and chaos, You bring peace! Yes, everything we desire can be found in You alone. Thank You for being with me.

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