Poor, but yet rich!

Poor, but yet rich!

I know your troubles; I know that you are poor—but really you are rich!
Revelation 2,9

Jesus knows us. He knows everything about us, our heart, our thoughts and our situation. He knows it because He is very, very close to us with His loving thoughts. It may be that we are not externally particularly rich or be are oppressed by specific circumstances or other people. But HE is there by helping us to bless and supplying us with all that’s necessary.
Sometimes He wants to draw our hearts closer to Him and He takes much of what seems necessary to us. Because in times of need we learn to pray and He will prove wonderful. He directs our thoughts on what is really important and necessary. By this He purifies and checks us.
Sometimes He wants to break our pride and lets things go broken, which later turns out to be very valuable to us. We should be proud of our Lord, but not about what we ourselves have done. He is the source that will bless us and that crowns our work with success! But we like to think that we are sooooo perfect..
Sometimes we get deceived and are cheated and not much is left of our belongings. But Jesus permits it, so that we find a treasure in Him. Your house, car, job, etc. won’t help you if you’re really in need, stand there alone or even must die. But Jesus, the Saviour, will be there and hold your hand.
Yes, the Lord knows our oppression! He wants to be very close to us. He is our wealth, not money or our reputation. He will save us if we love Him and trust Him. Yes, we are rich because we have Him!

Thank You, Jesus, You’re there! Even when much goes wrong in my life – You are the one who keeps me anyway. You know my secret wishes and You fulfill me somehow. Yes, Lord, I will I seek You, love You and trust You. Because You never disappoint me. With You I’m richer than any millionaire or the world! How well that I have found You!

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