Pour out your heart before Him out – 2017.02.02

Pour out your heart before Him out – 2017.02.02

Trust in Him at all times, O people;
Pour out your heart before Him;
God is a refuge for us.

Psalm 62, 9
Oh, how good that our Lord is here! How good that He has an open ear for us! How good that He takes part in our lives! How good that He is our refuge! – Where we should go otherwise? Who understands us as well as our Father in Heaven? Who can comforted us as well as Him? Who has so much wisdom and knowledge as Him? Who is as powerful as He? Yes, in Him we are safe, we, with our worries, doubts, pains and fears!
We can really pour out our hearts before Him. Some run through the whole village and tell everyone about their grief and misfortune. But the true believer withdraws if he has sorrow and reports everything to his father. He pours out his heart before Him; because he knows the Father hears and will help. It is enough for him when God the Father knows. He trusts the Lord, that He will comfort and help. He knows the refuge for those who have sorrow, suffering and pain: It is the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, the Lord of Hosts.
There is only one who truly understands our grief completely. Therefore we do not need to bind all other our pain and disappointment to ourselves; it is sufficient if the father knows.
He is our refuge. Where should I else? Only with him I am safe and secure. Friends can betray me, enemies also. Others rejoice maybe if I happened misfortune. Why should I be keen on the compassion of the people? You do not want me all just good. It’s enough for me, if He is my refuge.  Enough if He knows my sorrow and pain. He is there, even in solitude. He’s there when I need him. He always has time for me,  He never hurries.
Yes, I can pour out my heart to Him, because I trust him. He is my refuge.

Thank you Heavenly Father, that You’re closer to me than any loved one. You can better comfort and better help than everyone else. Yes, Father, with you, in your arm I am completely recovered. Thank you that I am your child !!
Bible Reading Today: Genesis 12

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