Praised be Christ!   –  2020.09.13

Praised be Christ!   –  2020.09.13

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!
Psalms 118:26

The name of the Lord is Jesus! He brought everything from heaven which we miss so much: forgiveness, affection, acception, compassion, kindness, victory over death and sickness, light in the dark. Whereever He went people welcomed Him with joy. They were freed from fear, from dark powers; all feelings of guilt and failure disappeared, healing in all was there. It was a folk festival, a joyful togetherness when Jesus came. When He entered Jerusalem on the donkey all called to Him the above mentioned verse as it is written in Matthew 21:9. And when He wept over Jerusalem, He announced: You will not see Me again until you say, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.
Yes, Jesus will come for the second time, then as King, as a Judge and Ruler. no longer as a lamb and servant. When He will appear again in the clouds above the Mount of Olives, they will all shout: Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! With His second coming all violence will cease, the prisons will be emptied, hunger will be defeated, injustice will end. O, how much we wait for the Lord! We will have a new earth!
Already now Jesus dwells in our hearts as our King. Whereever we are Jesus is with us. It is He in us who speaks kind words to others, words of healing, forgiveness, hope. and comfort. Whereever we are we should speak in the name of Jesus, He is there! Are we aware about that? In His name we speak words of hope and consolation, spread peace, friendliness, we invite to step into the stream of grace. What a privileged assignment in the name of Jesus.
We do not want to let any impurity, false shame, inferiority or pride, or any feeling of bitterness prevent us from the task of saving people, of leading them to Jesus.

Praise be to You, Jesus! You are coming in the name of the Lord. Be welcome in my heart, in my family, my house, in my work, and in my leisure time. You, who live in me, You make me a messanger of peace and love.

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