Prayer is …  – 2021.04.24

Prayer is …  – 2021.04.24

„Abide in me, and I in you.“
John 15, 4

There’s a big hole in our hearts. Something is missing. For some it is loneliness, for others it is darkness, desolation, senselessness, feelings of guilt, emptiness, depression, having no goal, hunting for experiences …. There is much in which this hole, this emptiness shows itself. Only when we become one with the Creator does He fill this void.
Once He created man and breathed living breath into him. But man made himself independent and wanted to live without God. Since then the Spirit in us longs for the Spirit of God. Since then we have longed for harmony, light and peace. Since then God has been our unconscious goal, and unfortunately many have not achieved it. But Jesus is there, He is the way, the truth and the life, nobody comes to the Father only through Him!
Jesus is one with the Father. When we now become one with Jesus, we are also one with the Father, the Creator. This is the only way, there is no other way. All those who go other ways are always searching and never finding.
Jesus wants to give our hearts the harmony that we so long for. In a trusted dialogue with Him, in a common conversation with Jesus, we find this harmony. There He calms the storms in our hearts. There He creates peace. There He buries the feelings of guilt, emptiness and senselessness. In this familiar community He frees us from darkness and other bondage. He rearranges our body step by step, gives new strength, courage and hope, defeats illness and weakness. This being together with the heavenly power of Jesus causes miracles in us.
Everything becomes new, Jesus says. And it is really like this: We become able to forgive, the feelings of guilt no longer oppress us, the terrible memories fade away. We become able to love, to forgive, to become active.
It is wonderful how this dialogue with Jesus changes us. Because He is the Lord who carries all power within Him. He has already changed so many lives – your life is not particularly problematic for Him. Entrust yourself to Him, seek Him in prayer, receive new life from Him. He promises it, and He keeps His word.

Thank ​Y​ou Jesus, ​Y​ou are God and have the power to change me! You give meaning and purpose to my life. You make me one with the Creator. You cleanse me of all guilt. You live in me, how should I feel bad then? Thank ​Y​ou, ​Y​ou love me!

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