Predestination  –  2020.05.31

Predestination  –  2020.05.31

Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in Your book
before one of them came to be.
Psalms 139:16

Some people think that everything in their lives is predetermined, that they have to leave everything to their fate. They can do what their want, it will happen as the fate has set it. There is no escape! The fate, or any power, you can call it as you like, rules everything which you have to accept. Is that really so? Or feel you like that?
Other people think hastily in overzealousness that God had created them with certain gifts to do a specific task at a certain place, a task which cannot be fulfilled by anybody else. That all will be then affirmed with blessings. Happiness and success will be promised. Is that alright? Certainly not! There is then a great chance that you miss the goal.
Too quick and in own anticipation we people make plans, start with the best plan A. When it does not work one replaces it by another plan B. Very persistent people continue with plan C and D. I guess if I would have adopted this attitude, I would just be able to manage plan A to F with much effort. The fulfillment of plans G to M would already be a catastrophe. Plans O to X a total failure. Plans X to Z would finally not be touched by me at all….
How wonderful, God is different! Truly, to live and believe as described above would not be a pleasure. For instance Judas,the traitor to Jesus, would have had no other choice. Poor man! As predetermined he had to commit suicide and go hell! What a nonsense!
No, the bible tells us, that God knows everything about us from the very beginning. He knows what we are doing today, and knows ahead what is going on tomorrow. God certainly has a plan for us, wants to give us the best but we have to decide. He will not force us. That is the great difference. We are not marionettes! God respects us as free personalities.
There is no plan A or B and Z not at all! God has given us many wonderful gifts to do what is pleasing Him, but above all He gave us His Son. With Him we can create something new. In Him there is a good cooperation, friendship, and  a wonderful togetherness.

Thank You, Jesus, You set me free from any pressure. You free me from any misconception. You are so different from how people teach it. You are my friend, my very best friend!

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