Priests before God – 2016.06.14

Priests before God – 2016.06.14

My sons, do not be negligent now, for the Lord has chosen you to stand before him and serve him, to minister before him and to burn incense.
2. Chronicles 29, 11

Long ago the people of Israel were oppressed and plundered by their enemy.  Until King Hezekiah cleansed the temple again and started bringing sacrifices to the only God.  The Levites and the priests should sanctify themselves so that they would be able to stand before God to bring the sacrifice.  Under Hezekiah Israel blossomed once again, and the Lord shielded the people from their enemies.  Great joy and joyful freedom reigned in the land, because the people were united in prayer to God.  God was palpably blessing the people.  We are God’s servants, we should bring Him sacrifice, so that it may go well with our people. We are chosen and sanctified by Him, cleansed by Jesus so that we may stand before the Almighty.  We should not become careless!
Our nation is going astray.  Each does his own thing, working and reaping.  The voice of sin is loud and mighty:  everything is allowed!  Amuse yourself!  There is neither blame nor sin, neither God nor judgment. We are our own benchmark in all things!  We are rich and powerful, we are the strongest! – But the foundations are already beginning to shake.
Dark storm clouds are gathering over our nation.  Therefore:  People of God, arise!  Do not become careless!  Bring the sacrifices of praise and mercy, of worship and intercession before God, the almighty ruler!  He will not remain silent about our wrong doings forever, but has raised His right hand in order to bring justice, righteousness and purity.
Today the temple of God is the congregation of Jesus and each and every one who has been saved.  Worship and intercession bring God to action.  He is palpable among us.  He can avert the tribunal and open our eyes to sin.  Only those who pray will be able to delay the sword over our people.
The congregation of God is like the Ark of Noah:  All who entered were saved.  We have a firm, safe footing.  We are grounded in Jesus Christ, freed, cleansed, sanctified and chosen to bring the sacrifice of worship and intercession.  He is there.  In Him is joy, peace and eternal rejoicing and praise.  In Him we are secure.

Thank You Jesus, You have pulled me from the slums and dirt.  You have redeemed, freed, cleansed and sanctified me.  I want to worship and praise You, and make Your name known.  I want to pray for my people.  Lord, have mercy upon us!

Bible study for today:  Hebrews 2, 1-18

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