Psalms 9, 17

Psalms 9, 17

Let the wicked go straight to the grave,
the same for every nation that forgets God.
Because the poor won’t be forgotten forever,
the hope of those who suffer won’t be lost for all time.
Psalms 9, 17f

God has a very different perspective for our lives than we have. We don’t see the future and can not quite understand the past. But God sees everything, beginning and end. Sometimes we are envious of how well the “infidels”, the gentiles are. They lie and cheat and are getting richer and richer nevertheless. And we have to work ourselves to death and life is often hard for us. If this would last forever, then we should also prefer lying and cheating! But God is there. His kindness, patience and forbearance will bring to reversion those who do and did wrong. And He has never forgotten us. He is always there to help us, we just don’t always see it. We do not need a golden toilet or a luxury car. We do not need the go to a casino or to the “Ballermann” on Mallorca. A piece of dry bread in peace and harmony is better than a great feast with strife and quarrel! Yes, His presence is worth so much to me that I like to abstain from everything else. With my God I live better than with a large bank account! And I know I’m not forgotten, my hope is not lost forever. He remembers me and quenches my desire, because He is my Father who loves me.

Thank You, Father, I need You more than anything else in the world! You lead me through life as it is right. You have a goal for me – In heaven I’ll be together with You for eternally. You never forget me and You satisfy my desire. How great that You exist and have brought me into Your presence! Thank You, Father!

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