Quiet time with Him  –  2019.12.13

Quiet time with Him  –  2019.12.13

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
Matthew 26:41

​When Jesus prayed in Gethsemane, He told the disciples to stay awake. But they fell asleep. Then our Lord said these words to them.
He says the same thing to us: “Watch and pray!”
This is not a dull command, but concern for us. If we are not vigilant, the enemy will trick us. If we do not pray, we will not withstand the pressure.
Luther once said: “Today I have so much to do, so I have to pray twice as long ….”
And Jong Ki Cho, the pastor of the largest parish in the world, prays for hours every day and does not let himself be disturbed.
All revival movements are born and founded in prayer. Nothing works without prayer. A few nice words cannot replace prayer!
Prayer is communion with the Lord. HE speaks – we hear, and vice versa. To be “one heart and one soul” with the Lord of the world. That is prayer. It can be during a walk or at noon. Early in the morning is perhaps best, as the Lord Jesus kept His quiet time. But not everyone can arrange it that way. Even the bus ride to work can be used for this purpose.
It is important for the Lord that He can form and shape us in this quiet time. This is how He makes us fit for our daily work and our great calling. Without daily dialogue with Him the contact is lost and we have to see how we cope without Him.
Without this quiet time we lack the divine power in our work, the joy in daily monotony, the goal and the seeing eye for the needs of others. How can He tell us when someone needs comfort if we do not want to hear?
Without silence He can only warn us with difficulty if it becomes dangerous or if the enemy plans an attack on us. Without this daily encounter with Him, our spiritual life dries up like a vine that is cut off.
Do not let yourself be robbed of this daily quiet time with Him! It is our source of strength! Otherwise we will quickly be lost in all the work and the challenges will become too strong.
Be vigilant and pray! So that the blessing can flow!

Thank You Jesus, You always have an open ear for me. Thank You, You know so much in advance and take care of so much! Yes, I am happy to be with You.  Help me to always You first! Then You help me through the day! Thank You, You are there!!

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