Reconciliation – 2014.11.01

Of David the Lord’s servant, who spoke the words of this song to the Lord after the Lord delivered him from the power of all his enemies and from Saul.
Psalms 18:1
When God finally gives the victory after a long struggle, the joy and relief is great! David was able to thank the Lord, to praise Him and sing. The enemies wanted to harm him so badly, but the Lord has rescued him from all of them. And not only saved from dangers and enemies, but also overwhelmed with all sorts of goods and gifts. David knew God, but, and what is more important, God knew David!
Yesterday was a beautiful, hard day. After a long dispute, I had to visit my "enemies", because someone got sick. I did not know what to expect, but they couldn’t do more than throwing me out. Nevertheless, the tension was very, very high and I was looking for strength, comfort and courage in prayer while driving. What a relief was it when I already was expected and everyone was happy! Since I enjoyed to stay a little longer and at the end we affirmed: Let’s forget everything that happened.
This is how God imposes law and order; how God intervenes, where nothing but hatred and strife prevails! Consequently, faith, grace and forgiveness conquers hatred and strife! On the way back then, praises were sung, of course!
So is our God: He is the biggest and strongest, who knows His children. When they cry out to Him, He listens exactly. He knows the right time to save and the best way out. And as long as we are still in trouble, we should thank Him ever, for He will save us certainly. He will never let His children perish in misery and worry!
He brought me out to wide-open spaces; he pulled me out safe because he is pleased with me (verse 20).
Thank you, Jesus, on You I can rely. Although not everything happens right now and immediately, You still have a good plan. And You will enforce it, because You alone always have the last word. Yes, I have a wonderful and faithful God!!

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